Government agencies that own and operate aircraft have to go through a very detailed and specific process to justify acquiring new or upgraded aircraft. This process is based on the requirements contained in OMB Circular A-11. OMB A-11 prescribes a format called the “Exhibit 300” format. This in turn has been adapted to government agency aircraft acquisitions by the GSA ICAP (Interagency Committee for Aviation Policy) group. This adaptation is referred to as the Aircraft Business Case Analysis Summary (ABCS). The ABCS is a summary document and like all summary documents it requires a great deal of supporting analysis. This supporting analysis is contained in two documents entitled Aircraft Requirements Analysis and Aircraft Business Case Analysis.

We accomplish a similar very detailed analysis when preparing and OMB Circular A-76 analysis justifying the use of government owned aircraft instead of contractor owned and operated aircraft.

We have operating cost data for over 575 different makes and models of aircraft used in government, business and general aviation.